Special Board Meeting

There will be a Special Board of Director’s Meeting held on Friday, August 6th, 2021 at 10:15 AM for the purposes of appointing a Treasurer to fill the vacant Board position. This is the only Agenda item and no other business will be discussed. You have received the Agenda and Zoom login information via AppFolio for this meeting. If you did not and wish to attend via Zoom, please contact Management.

Parking Restrictions begin Monday

The weatherproofing mobilization begins on Monday, August 2nd. This means that all of the visitor/over flow parking at the mailboxes and recycling area will be closed for the duration of the project. Therefore, beginning on Monday, August 2nd at 8 AM, no vehicles may park at the mailboxes or recycling area. Please pass this information along to your property managers/guests as we will need to tow any vehicle parked in that area regardless if they have a parking pass. Thank you.

Water Aerobics

Due to the high occupancy and hot temperatures, there will be no water aerobics in July or August. We hope to resume in September. Adult swim will continue from 8-9 AM daily. Thanks All and enjoy a beautiful, refreshing swim at Seaside!

Roof Access Update

In an effort to try to limit access to our new roofs, the Board has had combination locks installed on all attic hatches. Signs have also been installed directing your AC vendors to the lockbox to the left of the front Clubhouse door. Inside the lockbox their will be the current combination for the locks. All attic hatch locks will use the same combination. The lockbox code will remain the current gate code (same as it has been for the last 5 years). No keys will be needed anymore.

*This information can also be found under the About Us/Helpful Info Tab

Wind Mitigation Forms Available

Seaside has just received our wind mitigation forms on each building from Keystone Engineering/Bel-Mac Roofing. They are on your website, under FORMS, located at the bottom of the page. Owners…you may want to send the form to your insurance agent as proof of your new roof…typically, you will receive a discount on your insurance!